Refrigerator panels

Transform your kitchen with beautiful refrigerator panels that add a touch of elegance and style. Explore top ideas to enhance the look of your refrigerator and create a cohesive design in your kitchen.
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If you look at high-end kitchens, they often have built-in appliances and their fridges look one with the cabinetry. It is a very custom look, but when I started to look into doing something like that in my kitchen, I found that the appliances used to obtain that look are super pricey! So I found

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Our kitchen felt completed when the fridge was in, and it was worth the wait, time, stress, and money. Whenever we were designing our kitchen, paneled appliances were probably the last thing we decided it. It wasn’t a priority for us throughout the process but towards the end, I realized that it was important....

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Say you want a premium fridge, but you don’t like the commercial look of stainless steel. A panel ready refrigerator is an ideal choice. It marries a high-performance interior with an exterior that you can cover with cabinet panels to match the rest of your kitchen. Rather than being the center of attention, a panel ready fridge is so unobtrusive and hidden that you may need to show first-time guests where it is. Like many of the best refrigerators, they’re also a smart investment that will

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