Remove Shellac Polish

Learn how to remove shellac polish from your nails using these easy and effective methods. Say goodbye to stubborn shellac and hello to fresh, clean nails.
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Shellac or gel nail polish manicures are long-lasting which is great, however removing them is not so great. Peeling it off can damage the nail and is painful, and going to the salon is not always convenient. So today I am sharing how to remove shellac polish at home. Here is the trick…you must use nail polish remover with acetone. Using regular nail polish remover will not work. You will also need cotton balls and foil cut into smaller square pieces. Soak the cotton ball in the nail polish…

Jessica Olsen
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You can actually remove a gel manicure at home without a trip to the salon—and without wrecking your nails or cuticles. Eliana Gaviria, a nail technician at Haven Spa in New York, offers tips to master the process, as well as the exact products you'll need.

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