Resin canvas art

Enhance your home decor with stunning resin canvas art. Explore unique ideas to add a touch of creativity and elegance to your living space.
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Short process of my newest painting. I enjoyed this so much. It gave me confidence to create many more pieces like this. If you’ve got questions regarding the creative process, it’s all described...

Darla Babcock
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This 18”x36” elegant resin artwork is sold, but I will create something similar in colours and style to this piece, yet unique just for you. Varying golds and striking blue, bronze tones come together in a dazzling and beautiful display. Contact me if you would like a different size more suitable for your space. 🤍✨

Payal Aggarwal
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Pink flamingo painting is a contemporary style acrylic painting in various shades of pink, pale teal, magenta, peach, blue and black, resin art; glass and resin; crushed glass; shattered art; art gallery; art studio; wisconsin artist; flamingo; pink flamingo; beach art; coastal

Catalina Ferrá Mills
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6ft x 4ft - ink mounted on canvasRUMINATE - SOLD 6ft x 4ft Ink mounted on canvas Ruminate is the moment of being sweetly broken to circumstance and hitting rock bottom. The moment of dwelling in circumstance, recognizing the gold glimmers of hope, and turning these golden moments of misfortunate wounds into strengths. After suffering the loss of a loved one, we often are broken to circumstance. My mom's passing was followed by a season of grief and sorrow. Through this, I realized that…

Eleftheria Karap.