Round bale feeder

Discover innovative round bale feeder designs that provide easy access to hay for your livestock. Enhance feeding efficiency and reduce wastage with these top ideas.
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Since we got a tractor and can actually move a round bale without use of PVC pipe as rollers and only the strength of Chuck's back, he has been experimenting with making hay feeders. He's made some pretty good feeders for grass hay by the flake, and a commercial horse feeder works fine for the lespedeza because the large openings between the bars work fine with the tightly packed lespedeza stems. The round bales were a challenge, though. How to make a feeder the goats could get the hay out…

Sue Stetzel
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Many horse owners choose to feed round bales, especially in the winter. They last longer than square bales and keep your horse busy. In order to prevent hay waste, it’s a good idea to use a hay feeder or hut. They can be expensive to buy, so consider making your own out of recycled wood. […]

Haylee Jensen
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Credit: Thinkstock Round-bales are used throughout the horse industry as a means of providing forage to horses housed in poor pastures, dry lots, or during winter months1. The cost of hay fed in a round bale package is typically lower on a per ton basis than small square bales. The lower price coupled with the […]

Elizabeth Coburn