Sarah jane smith

Explore the iconic adventures of Sarah Jane Smith and join her on thrilling journeys through time and space. Discover the timeless legacy of this beloved character and immerse yourself in her captivating stories.
MUSINGS OF A SCI-FI FANATIC: The Sci-Fi Fanatic BIG 50+: Greatest TV Influences Linda Carter, Planet Of The Apes, 50 %, Sci Fi, Tough, Greats, Tv, Science Fiction, Television Set

Growing up wasn't always easy, but ladies like Linda Carter in those outfits certainly helped soften those trying, tough times. Thank you Wonder Woman! Dawn Wells! Angela Cartwright! Lindsay Wagner! Elisabeth Sladen! Erin Gray! Janet Waldo! Julie Newmar! Yvonne Craig! And Heather Thomas! And Heather Thomas!... Yes, To All The Girls I've Loved Before. * This entry took some time [actually much longer than I anticipated], because I got to thinking how my life has been linked through television…