Scary dolls

Explore a collection of eerie and haunting scary dolls that will send shivers down your spine. Get ready to embrace the dark side and add a spooky touch to your decor.
Dolls are inherently creepy. There's something about those blank staring little faces that you just can't trust. These dolls are pure nightmare fuel. Creepy Toys, Scary Dolls, Creepy Art, Creepy Horror, Horror Art, Creepy Stuffed Animals, Clay Monsters, Diy Kids Toys, Clay Faces

It was just announced that the Monster High fashion dolls are getting a 2022 reboot. But that’s kid’s stuff. We want to see realistic figures with enough creep factor to scare the visitors staying in our guest room which also happens to be the place these dolls call home high up on a shelf. Thankfully […]

Dee Furginson
Creative Daze with Geri: How I Create Gothic Girls & Zombie Babies from Repurposed Porcelain and Baby Dolls Creepy Doll Halloween, Theme Halloween, Halloween Props, Fall Halloween, Diy Zombie Dolls, Scary Baby Dolls, Creepy Dolls, Diy Halloween Dekoration, Haunted Dolls

I search for porcelain and baby dolls in resale shops, online, garage/yard/rummage sales, etc. On the average, I’d say I pay about $5 for a doll depending on the condition. I prefer to use dolls that are in sad condition. I have purchased broken (porcelain) dolls and have a collection of parts so the table in my studio sometimes looks like Frankenstein’s laboratory! I’ve paid as low as $1 (RARELY!) all the way to $28 ( and for a doll (including shipping). But when…

Isis Anderson