Sci fi lab

Step into the future with these sci-fi lab ideas. Create an immersive experience with cutting-edge technology and futuristic designs to bring your sci-fi dreams to life.

D-PARC: A new game I’m helping develop that uses the power of blockchains (eg. Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.) to enable digital sovereignty as part of the experience. Environment: The goal - create a modular, perf friendly system of building blocks that enables quick iteration and reconfiguration. The aesthetic is a clean, simple, somewhat stylized look that facilitates quick turnaround time for asset production. Story: D-PARC’s mission is to transport a cryogenically-static human colony of…

Concept Art, Raster, Real Time, Ilustrasi, Futuristic, Futuristic Design, Sci, Rpg, Futuristic City

Creature Made By: some assets created by: Sci - Fi Laboratory, is a scene captured in UnrealEngine 4.25 using Realtime Ray Tracing and raster lighting in real time. Game Ready. Ray tracing: Ambient Occlusion, Shadows, Reflections & Global Illumination. Third Party Assets: Science Laboratory - Silver Tm