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Step back in time with our collection of stunning seventies dresses. Find the perfect vintage-inspired outfit that will make you stand out and embrace the groovy vibes of the seventies.
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There is no denying that '70s fashion is back in style. Maxi dresses, hippie shirts, high waist jeans, boho jackets, and granny boots have all found their way into our closets again. With an entire decade of fashion to choose from, the late seventies / early eighties style is winning today's vintage revival, especially when

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From the March 1977 issue of Seventeen magazine "A whisper of romance is in the air -- and the gentle softness of an all-white dress, delicate detailing and the blush of fresh flowers combine for the prettiest prom looks." "With stars in your eyes and a flowing white dress, you'll be sure to hold his

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We adore feminine and romantic clothing and while there are several time periods in history that play up these looks really well, we have a soft spot for the folky peasant inspired fashions of the 1970s. The image above was originally from a January 1973 issue of Seventeen magazine and included the caption: