Shirred dress

Discover the perfect shirred dress that will enhance your style and flatter your figure. Explore a variety of designs and find the ideal dress for your next event.
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This weekend's thicket of binge-watching Evil Genius, baking over-ripe fruit tarts, and nursing a pulled hip flexor (a casualty of above-average sweat therapy) dovetailed with indefatigable pajama shirts/blouses (above) and nightgowns/dresses. In sum, it was pretty good, all things considering. But now that it's Monday, it's on to other wardrobe workhorses, inspired by super chic WFH'ers, including the cute-and-comfy sweater by Chinti & Parker (third pic down), this Miu Miu-spirited Shein…

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Shirring is a really simple technique once you have everything set up correctly. One of the crucial elements to successful shirring is to make sure that the lines are evenly spaced throughout the project. The Sofia pattern features a complete guide on how to sew shirring and it it instructs on how to mark your fabric i