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Indulge in a collection of entertaining short comics that are sure to bring a smile to your face. Explore a variety of humorous stories and enjoy a quick laugh during your day.
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Here's a little treat of great comics for your day. These comics will probably make you surprised at how good they actually are. They have everything that a great comic needs, and even extra: great sense of humor and style, killer punchlines and a dash of consistency. This whole mixture is almost guaranteed to make you laugh out loud.

Abigail Caiado
an animated comic strip with the caption that reads, my 3 new inappropriate comics that you probably shouldn't be reading at work Inspiration, Amigurumi Patterns, Comics, Funny Videos, Dark Humor Comics, Inappropriate Jokes, Dark Humor, It's Funny, Laugh

I make webcomics called The RedDot. My dark humor comics span anywhere between sexy innuendos to the pain that is known as “Spanx”. I think it's fun to dabble with the idea of what's an inappropriate joke... we're all thinking about it but just can't quite say it in public. Personally? I'm over it and more than happy to do a cartoon drawing out of it. Nothing is off the table when it comes to my next drawing idea... Just as long as it's funny.

the comic strip shows how marriage is done Comic Art, Anime, Fan Art, Funny, Comics, Humour, Real Life Stories, Relationship Comics, Sketch

Hi, everyone. I’m Joy from Alloy Comics (artwork by the talented Nohra Johnston, who goes by Deenosars on IG and Twitter). Thank you for your support on our 3 previous posts (part 1, part 2, part 3), which were all featured on the homepage of Bored Panda, accumulating over 240K views collectively!

Jetarel De Rooij