Shrimp risotto

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Creamy Cajun Shrimp Risotto recipe

Cajun Spice and Arborio Rice! My Cajun Shrimp Risotto recipe is a beautiful blend of heat with a creamy risotto, topped with sauteed shrimp to keep you warm and satisfied. Use this recipe for your next dinner, and maybe the next dinner after that one. It's too good.

Stephanie Schultz
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A quick shrimp stock and a modicum of stirring produce first-rate risotto. For a simplified shrimp risotto, we started by making a quick stock: We seared shrimp shells to extract their flavorful compounds, added water and seasonings, and simmered for just 5 minutes. Next we sautéed onion and fennel and then added the rice to the pot, followed by white wine and almost all the stock. We simmered the risotto covered to help it cook evenly and stirred it only occasionally. Adding the chopped…

Shelly Murphy