Silent film

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of silent film. Explore our top picks and hidden gems for a unique cinematic experience that will transport you back in time.
Max Factor’s Clown Contouring Make-Up of Early Television Color Film, Blue Foundation, 1920 Makeup, Vintage Makeup, 1920s Makeup Tutorial, 1920s Makeup, Black And White Film, Yellow Lipstick, Black And White

I doubt these ladies felt at all ready for their close-up, but this is what it looked like to be camera-ready in the early years of black & white commercial television. Technology for the new medium in those days lacked a significant amount of contrast and wasn't capable of showing certain colou

Flapper Flickers and Silent Stanzas: Black Lips and White Faces: Early Silent Film Makeup Portrait, Portraits, Beleza, Peinados, Fotografie, Styl, Blanco Y Negro, Fotografia, Ikon

Have you ever wondered why the makeup in movies of the 1910s looks so garish and pallid compared to those in the 20s? Note (after you stop laughing) how dark Buster's hands are compared to his face. The secret lies in the type of film stock. Not all black and white film was created equal! Before 1922, almost all motion pictures were shot on orthochromatic, or blue-sensitive, film: The film stock was sensitive to the blue-violet end of the visible spectrum but insensitive to the yellow-red…

Jennifer Redmond

When you can’t rely on a computer to improve (or fake) a movie scene, you gotta improvise. And back in the days of silent films, filmmakers were really, really good at coming up with creative ways to cook up special effects. It was a master class of using specific camera angles, splicing together shots, using glass matte paintings, and twisting perspectives to make things look as realistic as possible. Silent Movie GIFs is an excellent resource that reveals how things used to be done in the…

Corto M

Happy Sunday, fiends! I am enjoying a rare rainy Sunday bundled up in blankets on the couch watching Fringe and drinking some espresso. Mmmmm it's heavenly! However, since I always have to be doing at least two things at once (I'm a chronic multi-tasker), I am also browsing the web (especially Tumblr) and looking up pretty pictures while I lounge around on the couch (which I do on a daily basis). I figured, hey, why don't I share some of my favorite photos from the week on here? I adore…

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