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Get ready for some messy fun with these creative slime recipes. Discover how to make different types of slime that will entertain and engage kids of all ages.
Fluffy Cloud Slime - Childhood Magic Play, Camping, Fluffy Slime Ingredients, Slime For Kids, Diy Fluffy Slime, Making Fluffy Slime, Fluffy Slime Recipe, Slime Without Shaving Cream, Make Slime For Kids

If you enjoy making homemade slime, then you will probably love making fluffy slime! It’s puffy and fluffy and really fun to play with once made. This is also sometimes called cloud slime. Fluffy slime is a perfect rainy day activity, and the best kids craft. It has a marshmallow consistency that makes it a…

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Soft and smooth texture while being stretchy, butter slime is the perfect kids craft. This homemade butter slime is one of my kids favorite slimes to make. As self proclaimed slime experts, my kids say that this smooth stretchy slime is the best type of slime to make and play with.

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Butter slime is SO MUCH FUN to play with! It's soft and spreadable with a buttery smooth texture – which is how it got its name, because there’s definitely no butter involved in making it! Our simple butter slime recipe uses Model Magic clay (a soft, air dry modelling clay) and is activated using contact solution (no borax required!). It’s very satisfying to stretch, squish, and play with AND super easy to clean up! This post contains affiliate links. If you use these links to buy something…

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HOW TO MAKE THE BEST CLEAR SLIME - Texture, Crafts, Diy Clear Slime, Clear Glue Slime, Slime No Glue, Slime Recipe Clear, Clear Slime, Diy Slime Recipe, How To Make Slime

Crystal Clear Slime is simple yet classic and a favorite to all those in love with slime. Kept clear or used in combination with a variety of mixins, this slime recipe is a must-try and is sure to become one of your favorites. *I use affiliate links for products I love. I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you if you click to purchase. Why You Should Make This Clear Slime There’s something so pleasing about mastering clear slime. Being able to create this simple yet…