Smoked chicken in oven

Learn how to prepare juicy and flavorful smoked chicken in your oven. Try these mouthwatering recipes and impress your family and friends with your culinary skills.
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Juicy and flavorful, this smoked chicken breast is quick and easy to make! Using a simple chicken dry rub that enhances the smoky flavor, this one will become your "go-to" favorite recipe. It's perfect for a family dinner or any backyard BBQ!

Molly Pesich
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Do you want smoked whole chicken that is juicy and flavorful chicken all Summer long? You have to try this recipe for chicken. Don’t even bother trying all those recipes that say Rotisserie style chicken in the slow cooker or oven because you know what? A slow cooker isn't a rotisserie! If you liked smoked...Read On →

Barbara Smith
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Indulge in irresistible applewood-smoked flavor with a slight kick and hint of sweetness in this tender, juicy smoked whole chicken. Crafted with simple ingredients and foolproof smoking technique, the succulent 'yardbird' boasts mouthwatering texture perfect for feeding a crowd or savoring over multiple meals.

Sara Miller