Smoked sirloin tip roast

Discover mouthwatering recipes to smoke a tender and flavorful sirloin tip roast. Elevate your grilling game with these irresistible ideas and impress your guests at your next cookout.
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The smoked sirloin tip roast is a great way to enjoy a deliciously tender medium rare steak with lots of flavors. This recipe uses a simple rub of pantry spices to give the beef a nice flavor and is smoked using hickory wood chips for a classic barbecue flavor. It only takes a few hours to smoke this roast, so it's perfect for a BBQ dinner party or weekend cookout.

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Most people have their sirloin tip roast cut into stew meat or possibly kabobs. But that is not us, dear friend. We will find another way to prepare and enjoy this unique cut of beef. But first of all, what in the world is the sirloin tip roast? And how is it different than a... Continue Reading →

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