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Transform your home into a magical Smurf house with these unique ideas. Create a whimsical and enchanting atmosphere that will make you feel like you're living in a fantasy world.
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A Smurf house is a standard form of residence for a Smurf that's shaped like a mushroom. It is a two-floor house that typically has one door, a few ground-floor windows and some rooftop windows, and a chimney stack. The ground floor is usually used as the living room while the top floor is used as a bedroom. The roof of the Smurf house is an actual mushroom top that the Smurfs find in the forest. The actual interior arrangement of a house depends on the occupant's personal use. Handy's…

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Download Smurf Sim Download Papa Smurf Sim Download Smurfette Sim Download SIL_Smurfs_bottom_am Download SIL_Smurfs_Hat Download SIL_Smurfs_Tail_Accessory To play with the Smurfette Sim you will need: "The Lucky One" Hair set for females by Elexis: The dress and the shoes are from the Base Game. To play with the male Smurfs Sims you need: Nude top for males by Alex_Stanton1983…

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Celebrate with Cake!: Smurf House Cake Fondant Cakes, Fimo, Cake, Cupcakes, Fondant, Cupcake, House Cake, Cake Toppers, Cake Decorating

Lovely A dropped us a mail sometime back after attending a party where she first saw one of our Playable Angry Birds Cake. She was looking to get a cake sculpted like Smurfette's mushroom house with figurines to boot! Sooooooo, this marks my first Smurf themed cake, and it really was every bit as fun to do as i imagined! The figurines were pretty straightforward to do, once i got the hang of it, and i'm mighty pleased at how they turned out. : D Its like a PB and Jelly (cranberry one)…

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