Soap packaging design

Elevate your soap brand with eye-catching packaging designs that make a lasting impression. Discover top ideas to showcase your product and attract customers with unique and innovative soap packaging.
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For this personal project, I designed a modern and joyful look soap box for kids. Four different illustration represents each fruit. I also have inspired by the cheerful image of kids, so I designed in colorful and sweet look, to give an attractive impres…

Sarah Lindstedt
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Design: K9 DesignLocation: TaiwanProject Type: ProducedPackaging Contents: SoapThis hand Soap is a handcrafted soap that uses natural oil and lye. Basically, it is the result of the saponification reaction between grease and alkaline solution that can be used for washing/cleaning after curing and ripening. Our Client is based in Taiwan, is engaged in the production…

Bea Perez