Social media vs reality

Explore the stark contrast between social media and reality. Discover the hidden truth behind the perfectly curated online world and embrace authenticity in your own life.
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An influencer turns her Instagram outtakes into hilarious side-by-side photos to prove that social media isn't real life

Amsterdam-based social media influencer Rianne Meijer said she's "found her voice" by sharing bloopers next to her Instagram-ready pictures.

Dillon McDaniel
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30 Times Shein Customer Reviews Were Even More Entertaining Than The Products They Sell

With so many people shopping online these days, the expectation vs reality meme doesn’t surprise anyone anymore. Most popular ecommerce sites, like Aliexpress and Etsy, are notorious for selling goods that look a far cry from the airbrushed pictures they advertise them with. In fact, online shopping fails have gained popularity in their own right, with many social media accounts and content creators sharing their own no-good orders for everyone’s entertainment.

Dorothy Jackson