Soldier blue

Discover the story behind Soldier Blue, a groundbreaking Western film that challenged traditional narratives. Learn about its impact on cinema and society, and why it remains relevant today.
An inspiring, patriotic image of a soldier placing the flag at the top of a hill claiming the territory for his country. Art, San Juan, Country, Military, American Soldiers, Flag, The Flag, Patriotic Flag, Marines

This is a digital print from a piece entitled "Claiming the Hill". The watermark does not appear on the printable image. Great gift for any art lover, patriot or anyone looking for a unique piece to brighten a room up. The format is 2:3 which fits many popular frames and with a 300 DPI the image can be printed up to a size 20x30 inches without losing any quality. There is a breakdown image included that show's all the different frame sizes the image will fit. PLEASE NOTE: You are purchasing…

Jaime Buitragoe