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This is a basic sourdough bread that doesn't require kneading or complicated measuring and techniques. It produces a delicious, hearty loaf, perfect for people (like me) desiring a more self-reliant lifestyle.

Tamara Barker
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These easy sourdough pretzels are soft and simple to make. They can be topped with salt or sesame seeds and are perfect for sharing with friends.

Melissa Cottingham
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These soft and ripable sourdough garlic knots are brushed in a roasted garlic butter sauce, making them the perfect side for any pasta dish or pizza night. The best part of this recipe as that the dough can be made in the morning and ready to bake by dinner.

Ashley Oldham
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.This sourdough cheese bread is a soft, tangy sourdough bread twisted with cheese and baked until golden and melty. This recipe makes the perfect side.

Katie Beasley