Southern catfish stew recipe

Learn how to make a delicious Southern catfish stew that will warm your soul. Try our authentic recipe and enjoy a hearty and flavorful meal with your loved ones.
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Step-By-Step How To Make Catfish Stew (South Carolina Recipe)

Catfish stew is a hearty and filling stew that combines Catfish fillets, potatoes, tomatoes, and bacon. It originated in South Carolina and is loved by many in this local region. This recipe will show you how to make catfish stew.

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White Catfish Stew Recipe -

I received this recipe from a friend at work. It makes about one gallon of thick white catfish stew. Use at least a 5 quart pot. I like it spicy so I usually add a little cayenne pepper to the pot in addition to the hot sauce. You can add tomatoes to make a red catfish stew.

Darlene Lynn
Carolina BACON CATFISH STEW * Potatoes, Tomatoes, Peppers ** REALLY GOOD! ** Please pin my Marie Callender's CORNBREAD recipe (under bread) to serve with this Southern Catfish Stew Recipe, Catfish Stew Recipe, Stew Potatoes, Glazed Banana Bread, Garlic Cheese Grits, Italian Antipasto Salad, Marie Callenders, Banana Bread Cinnamon, Catfish Stew

CAROLINA BACON CATFISH STEW * touch of heat * Tomato, Potato, Peppers * lots of flavor * thick stew *

This is really SO much better than you think! And, considering that catfish is usually FRESH (and from the USA), besides being one of the cheapest fish you can buy ~ it's a great way to have a...

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