Soy dressing

Enhance the flavor of your dishes with these mouthwatering soy dressing recipes. Discover new ways to add a savory kick to your favorite meals.

Wafu Dressing is an easy vinaigrette you can whip up in less than a minute. With the perfect balance of flavour from soy sauce, rice wine vinegar and sugar, this Japanese salad dressing will bring effortless flavour to raw salads, vegetables and grilled meats.

Joanna Ziegler-Hodges
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This sweet soy ginger dressing is delicious as a poke bowl sauce, as a dipping sauce for veggie sushi, as an oil-free dressing on salads or rice bowls. Soy sauce (soy-free options given, too), rice vinegar and sweetener combine with ginger, wasabi and toasted sesame seeds to make this flavorful dressing.

Brooke DeHart