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Capture the beauty of Sri Lanka through stunning photography. Explore top ideas to create memorable and captivating images of this enchanting destination.
Ambuluwawa Tower is the first Multi Religious Centre in Sri Lanka. The fairy-tale looking tower with its crooked Burton-esque staircase was built as a biodiversity complex on top of a hill in in 2006 and also hosts a temple, church and mosque at the peak. India, Wanderlust, Destinations, Sri Lanka Travel, Sri Lanka, Places To Travel, Beautiful Destinations, Destination Voyage, Places To Go

1. A Human Torpedo, 1967 They were used as secret naval weapons in World War II. The basic concept is still in use. The Italian Navy experimented with a primitive tiny sub carrying two men as 1918 and this craft did have some success. The first truly practical human torpedo was the Italian Maiale (nicknamed the “pig” because…

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Meditate in a centuries-old temple. Uncover the ultimate sandy beach. Watch water buffalo drink at a watering hole. Sip world-class tea. If you’re a responsible tourist and want to lessen your carbon footprint even when you travel then you have to read on to discover this must-see list of supremely comfortable eco hotels in Sri Lanka.

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Imagine riding a scooter or boarding a coastal bus and finding a new beach all to yourself. Visualize never-ending jungles with waterfalls and chilly water. Imagine a tiny island that is home to numerous old temples, stupas, quirky mountain hamlets, and a variety of fauna. The "jewel of the Indian Ocean," Sri Lanka, is situated beneath its enormous neighbor, India. Check out this post to learn more about what makes Sri Lanka irresistible.

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