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Explore the realm of starship design with these innovative ideas. Create your own intergalactic vessel and embark on a thrilling adventure through the cosmos.
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Freelance commission I did for Netease back in 2017-2018.The game released last year. I did the concept from scratch in 3D software, didn’t use any photoshop until paint over the final image. The team members encouraged me to create concepts in innovative ways and they are cool with me making stuff all the way in 3D , for me this is really cool! I love work with them. 😊

Mickey Trewin
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Here is some work I did for The Taken King! Concepts for the Taken: The Taken were a huge undertaking. The entire suite includes a dozen or so new units, bosses and their respective effects and weapons. Here are a few I worked on: Cayde-6 cards: This was a fun collaboration with Garrett Morlan to come up with some material for the collectors edition. The idea was to create a package themed around Cayde-6. It included his journal as the disk jacket along with some personal items, maps, and…

ArtStation - Conceptual interstellar Ark type generation Starship, Controlled Aesthetics

Double-stranded DNA molecule concept. “Double Helix” Spacecraft pre-visualization for VFX / materials and mood scheme. Enviromental Chief Design - Sergiu Radu Pop / Oana V Pop Project: Conceptual interstellar Ark type generation Starship Documentary: “Science Fiction: A Conversation Between Artist and Scientist - 2020“ Zhenli Productions - Los Angeles (USA) / Beijing (China)

Matthias Feist
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Another Star Wars ship design for fun. I was really inspired by the shader that Rasmus Poulsen developed recently so I tried to get a similar look here before bringing it into Photoshop. Couldn't quite get it looking as good as his but it was still a great base to work off! In case you haven't seen it check out the unreal work by Rasmus here: