Starship enterprise

Embark on a journey through the fascinating history and iconic design of the legendary Starship Enterprise. Discover the secrets behind its timeless appeal and immerse yourself in the world of Star Trek.
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Chess has been one of the foremost games of strategy and skill in the Western world for centuries. However, chess is partially defined by the fact that the stronger player will almost always win. There is no handicap built in, and there’s no application of that great leveler of the playing field that is random […]

宜 杨
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This is a passion project of mine. It's what started me on studying CG in the first place, watching Star Trek as a kid. I always wanted to do this ship, but I never felt like my ability was up to it until last year when I decided to just give it a try. A few iterations later, I started from scratch earlier this year and finished the exterior a couple of weeks ago. The rest of the project will entail an internal structure and interiors so that I can have images of the ship in construction and…