Step parent adoption

Learn about the process and benefits of step parent adoption. Create a loving and secure family environment by legally solidifying your relationship with your stepchild.
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Jake and I have many times talked about how others may view our multi-colored family. Of course, in my husband's words, Liberty resembles him, and I must have had an affair which is how Bella was born! This makes me laugh to think about. As the girls and I get out and about (which is not often, those of you with toddlers understand that everything runs on THEIR schedule) we are often stopped and the girls are showered with compliments from strangers. Liberty has started to blush when they do…

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A Guide To Step-Parent Adoption via Karie Boyd - CEO of Boyd Law! Important info for those parents who are planning or in the process of adopting a Step Child Amigurumi Patterns, Step Parent Adoption, Step Mom Advice, Adoption Announcement, Parenting Types, Open Adoption, Parenting Classes, Step Parenting, Parenting Articles

Guide to Stepparent Adoption

If you are a stepparent and decide to adopt your spouse’s children, we want to congratulate you. Becoming your stepchildren’s legal guardian can give stepchildren a sense of security and confirm your commitment to your spouse and his or her family. Even if you have already accepted your stepchildren as your own in your heart, making it official can have many rewards and benefits. Step 1: Filing Adoption Court Forms

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Dear Sugar: Bible Verses to Encourage You Along Your Journey

Dear Sugar: Ten years. Four adoptions. Twenty (plus) profile viewings. Two "stork drops." Two pre-birth matches. Dozens of trips to Kansas City. Open adoption. Ethical adoption. Transracial adoption. Domestic infant adoption. A chronic disease. Four homestudies. Four judges. Two lawyers. Three adoption agencies. Four social workers. Whew! Whether you are considering adoption, are waiting to adopt, are waiting to adopt again, or are parenting a child you adopted, these verses will encourage…

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The big list of great adoption gifts - Ripped Jeans & Bifocals

Are you looking for adoption gifts or wondering if you should give gifts at all? Here's some perspective and great adoption gift ideas!

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