Stiff cheer bows diy

Learn how to make your own stiff cheer bows with this step-by-step guide. Get inspired with top ideas and create stunning bows that will make you stand out on the cheerleading squad.
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Note: Since my original post here got crazy-long, I decided to break these up into smaller, hopefully easier to read, posts. I think this is one of my favorite bow I made. It’s so stinkin’ simple, but oh so gorgeous. Seriously, the pictures do not do it justice. Just so you know, it is very [...]

Monica Brower Courtney
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Any cheer moms out there??? I know some of you luurrv the cheer thing. I am probably not one of them. As a matter of fact, I keep telling my friends “how did I end up with two cheerleaders?!” I think what I’m mostly not excited about is how ridiculously expensive all the cheer gear is. And [...]

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OMG, Becky! Look at her bow — it’s so little! And it’s so cute! After making all those cheer bows for the middle school and high school cheer squad and figuring out how easy and cost effective it can be when you make your own, the cheer coaches wanted to give the girls these cute little [...]

Stephanie Carr-Guenther