Stir crazy popcorn recipes

Indulge in a variety of mouthwatering stir crazy popcorn recipes that will satisfy your cravings. Discover creative and flavorful ideas to enjoy this classic snack at home.
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You are determined to make the perfect batch of fluffy popcorn with a high pop success rate. You have heard a trick about soaking popcorn kernels and wonder if this is a legitimate technique for improved popping percentages. This is a question that will be answered in detail with more ideas on how to make […]

Sandy Town
The Stir Crazy makes popcorn with only a small amount of oil. Pop, Snacks, Popcorn, Microwave Popcorn Popper, Stir Crazy Popcorn, Kettle Corn, Popcorn Maker, Popcorn Popper Recipes, Popcorn Bowl

The Stir Crazy Corn Popper is a popcorn maker manufactured by West Bend. It comes in a 6- and 8-quart model with a butter-melting well and a top that doubles as a popcorn bowl. The Stir Crazy Corn Popper makes popcorn using only a small amount of oil which keeps the popcorn tasting fresh and light.

Jenifer Shelton
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This is a stir crazy popcorn popper. I just don't have the ability to focus on properly popping popcorn in a pan on the stove. ADD won't let me focus on ANYTHING for that long!! Add oil and a few kernels. When those kernels pop, add the rest. I would give you measurements but every time I measure to find the right combination it ends up not being right at all! Add sugar, no more than half a cup unless you really like burnt kettle corn... :D Put the lid on quickly, you will get blisters…

Rochelle Dinallo