Stojan na bicykel

Zlepšte organizáciu svojho bicykla s kreatívnymi a praktickými stojanmi. Objavte top nápady na stojan na bicykel, ktoré vám uľahčia ukladanie a získate viac miesta v dome.
2X4 Bike Rack - RYOBI Nation Projects Garages, Ryobi, Bike Rack, Bike Racks, Bike Stand, Bicycle Rack, Bike Rack Garage, Wood Bike Rack, Diy Bike Rack

I saw some pictures of DIY bike racks online, many used 1X4 and 2X4 construction, but I had a bunch of 2X4's that I got from a house being built that they were throwing away. It's SOLID! It is pretty standard, but a couple of things I am most proud of are 1, all of the pieces were reclaimed, the frame from the 2X4's and the 45 degree pieces are deck rail slats, from a friends deck that were being tossed, I just cut 45's on either end and mounted them. Also I later added a helmet holder to…

Chris Colotta