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Discover proven strategies to foster student accountability in middle school. Encourage responsibility and academic success with these top ideas for promoting a positive learning environment.
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Learning is not a spectator sport!! During a lesson students should have LOTS of opportunities to respond by saying, writing and doing! And by lots, I mean 3-5 OTRs per minute for simple responses (verbal or gestural) and 1 OTR per minute when the OTR is more complex (think solving a multi-step math problem) (MacSuga-Gage & Simonsen, 2015). In my previous post, I shared FIVE ways students could engage with content in a verbal way. And, today I am here to give you FIVE additional ways…

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This goal setting worksheet is a great way to keep track of your academic, extracurricular, and personal goals this school year. With sections allocated to each topic, you can easily identify the areas in which you want to excel and record the steps required to accomplish so. To take charge of your goals, get the Middle School Student Goals Worksheet right away!

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I never bought into the whole Clip Chart thing. As a parent, if I saw my child was on GREEN (or whatever the acceptable color is nowadays), I would still wonder if my kid made mistakes that needed a parent's guidance, or even worse, was a complete A$$ at school. I get that kids need a chance to redeem themselves, but kids are so smart that they will goof off all day and pull it together in the last hour. I've seen it happen. So with three words, I manage the expectations and behaviors in my…

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hold students accountable while they independently read with these easy to implement reading tips and tricks and strategies

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