Super why

Join Super Why and his friends on exciting adventures as they use the power of reading to solve problems and help others. Discover fun activities, games, and resources to foster a love for reading in your child.
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No-sew Super Why Cape, Mask, and Why Writer

For a while my son started really getting into a show called Super Why. It's all about teaching kids how to read, I believe it's on PBS. His favorite character on the show is the main one, Super Why. Super Why image was found through Google. I thought it would be so fun to turn my little guy into Super Why, he LOVED the idea as well. So, I took an old shirt that didn't really fit anymore, turned it inside out (so I could see the seams), I cut along the inside of the inseams from the bottom…

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Super Why

History has been made in the house of the lil' dude. She has completely sang a theme song to a cartoon ... a rite of passage in each and every childhood. I turned on PBS for her for a few mornings ago, and Super Why came on- an educational show I didn't even know she was familiar with. Regardless, she belted out the lyrics like it was no one's business! Who’s got the power? The power to read. Who answers the call for friends in need? Super WHY! Super WHY! He’s the guy, he’s Super WHY! Who’s…

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