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Lost Page Leonardo Da Vinci Codex The Golden Spiral Photoshop Tutorial | PSDDude Davinci Drawings Sketches, Leonardo Drawings Sketches, Davinci Sketches, Da Vinci Inventions, Golden Spiral, Sketch Photoshop, History Painting, Geometry Art, Caravaggio

Lost Page Leonardo Da Vinci Codex The Golden Spiral

Learn how to create a an old parchment that looks like a page out of Leonardo Da Vinci's Codex. As you probably know the Renaissance master kept several books with sketches ranging from mechanical inventions to art studies to anatomical studies. Da Vinci Photoshop sketch effect looks like it's hand drawn using ink, making it look like an old and ruffled piece of paper. You can also try the Photoshop action that creates this look in just a few seconds.

Stacey Rodriguez