The sea

Experience the beauty of the sea with breathtaking views and exciting activities. Discover top destinations and adventures for an unforgettable seaside getaway.
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Have you ever gazed out at the sea intending to only gaze at it for a while but finding that time has slipped away from you without your even realizing it? That is just one aspect of this wondrous body of salt water that we call the sea or ocean. We are saying that this is just one aspect because there is more to the sea or ocean beyond the waters and the way it looks. There are numerous creatures, mysteries and wonders that the sea has within it which will need more than one lifetime to…

Gina Morretti
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I spend most of my days beachcombing and searching for sea treasures for making sea-themed jewelry. I am not only searching for seashells and corals, but also for rare sea glass and sea pottery. One of my proudest finds is a 200-year-old undamaged Maraschino bottle, from the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

Kaci France