Thoracic outlet exercises

Discover a range of effective exercises to alleviate shoulder and neck pain caused by thoracic outlet syndrome. Strengthen and stretch your muscles to improve posture and reduce discomfort in your upper body.
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Thoracic Outlet Syndrome Exercises - Active Chiropractic

Thoracic Outlet Syndrome can create tingling and numbness in the arm and hand, usually in the pinky and half of the ring finger. It is commonly caused by compression of a nerve bundle located in the neck and shoulder region. These exercises help to open up the thoracic outlet and can get you feeling better […]

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Thoracic Outlet Syndrome (TOS) home exercises

A person suffering from Thoracic Outlet Syndrome (TOS) should have various precautions, like taking care of his posture and ergonomics. There are certain postures and activities that aggravate TOS symptoms and others that reduce the symptoms. The head-forward posture aggravates TOS symptoms, which combines rounded spine and forward head with protracted shoulders, commonly referred to as “slouching”. Activities that aggravate TOS symptoms are reaching above shoulder level and carrying heavy…

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How to truly identify and treat thoracic outlet syndrome (TOS)

The infamous thoracic outlet syndrome. TOS is considered to be one of modern medicine’s most difficult issues, because of the complex and variable nature of its symptoms. It has potential to cause numerous types and areas of pain, such as neuralgia in the arms, chest, between the shoulder blades and in the back (figure 1), dizziness, brain fog, [...]

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