Three year olds

Engage your three year old with fun and educational activities that promote learning and development. Discover top ideas to keep your little one entertained and engaged.
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Inside: If your toddler acts angry and aggressive toward you or others, knowing these three triggers may help prevent their intense, rage-driven behavior. While anger and aggression in toddlers is very common, it can be easily tamed by limiting these three simple things. I could see it happening again. The storm brewing behind her clear blue eyes. My 3 year old clenched her fists tight,

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You asked for it! Or at least one of you asked for Quiet Time activities for 2-year-olds, and I am always happy to help! Even though it might take me just a little while to get the post together (if you can classify 3 weeks as just a little while ... please do, you kind

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Figuring out how to stop a toddler from hitting is no easy task! And if you are a first time mom, it's even more shocking. Right up there with with potty training kids who won't poop on the toilet and getting your toddler to stop whining. How you help your child stop hitting will look

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