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An Astonishing Aristocratic Victorian Necklace and Tiara Sold (Again!) at Auction Tiaras Jewellery, Vintage Tiara, Victorian Necklace, Royal Tiaras, Mother Family, Pale Turquoise, Lady Mary, Diamond Tiara, Purple Sapphire

This week's Magnificent Jewels auction at Christie's featured numerous treasures, including this spectacular Victorian tiara worn by generations of a British aristocratic family. The jewel in question is a gorgeous convertible piece from the Victorian

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The height and magnificence of a tiara, a jewelled head ornament, reflect the wealth and status of the wearer. Usually semi-circular in shape, tiaras can be worn in many ways. Decorative headpieces have been worn in Britain for 5000 years, but the most exquisite tiaras were made between the reign of Victoria I and World War II, when ...

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