Tibetan sand mandala

Discover the ancient and intricate art of Tibetan sand mandalas. Explore the symbolism and spiritual significance behind these stunning works of art. Learn how you can create your own beautiful mandala and experience the meditative journey.
The Buddhist monks create sand works like this one as a form of meditation, drizzling the sand out from small metal funnels. The image incorporates icons that include geometric shapes and ancient spiritual symbols. A ceremony celebrated the completion of the sacred mandala, and ended with a monk wiping the sand away – a symbol of the impermanence of things. Mandala Buddha, Sand Mandala, Sacred Mandala, Tibetan Mandala, Tibetan Monk, Buddhist Monks, Buddhist Practices, Art Sacre, Sand Painting

Tale of Gondo Monastery by T. S. Caladan Long before more modern monasteries such as Sera or Ganden, a peculiar sect of Tantric Buddhists carried on an odd tradition of sacred practices. Monks of Gondo were allowed to marry and encouraged to procreate to their fullest. The monks’ uniqueness did not stop there. […]

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I was lucky enough to get to see this Sand Mandala created by four Tibetan monks from the Tashi Lhunpo Monsastery this week. They started creating the masterpiece to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of the Dalai Lama's birth on Tuesday 29th June at the Mitsuo Aida Museum in Tokyo. By Sunday 4th July morning they had almost finished. Just the finishing touches before it was complete. After the mandala was complete prayers were said and a mask dance was performed and a final ceremony before the…

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