Tile mosaics

Add a touch of artistic flair to your home decor with these creative tile mosaic ideas. Discover how you can transform any space into a work of art with stunning tile designs.
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The art of Mosaic was believed to be first used in the Mesopotamian area around the 3rd-century BC. It made its way across ancient civilizations and over thousands of years. But what exactly is Mosaic? Is it a type of art that a beginner can do? Can any material be made into a Mosaic? We've […]

Dana Allman
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Mexican tile borders: the Mexican tile Talavera broken tile in 4x4, 2x2, or 6x6 size is a gorgeous handcrafted Mexican Talavera tile design ideal to enhance a kitchen backspash, fountain, fire place, bathroom wall, stair riser main entrance door, pool or any other space you have in mind. Combine or match this mexican tile with any of our following solid colors: mexican white 10800, cobalt blue 10810, verde hoja 10801, rust 10812, green 10803, dark blue 10804, or terra cotta 10801.

Paige Gimbal
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Adding a mosaic to your outdoor space can make a bland garden, patio, or pool into something extraordinary. Whether it's a piece of art you craft yourself or something you've purchased, the beautiful colors and patterns that go into mosaics are absolutely timeless! But how should you properly adhere to the pieces or the tiles? […]

Jackie Dunham

Ememem is an inventive artist who fills potholes in his home city Lyon, France with beautiful mosaics to brighten the days of anyone who spots them during the day. The street artist decided to draw people’s attention to the deplorable condition of roads and sidewalk safety in France. You could say Ememem is set on a mission: patching up his city’s broken pavement by filling potholes with colorful works of art—mosaics that turn eyesores and traffic hazards into things of beauty.

Sara Lima