Towel pattern sewing

Get inspired by these creative towel pattern sewing ideas to add a personal touch to your bathroom decor. Find step-by-step tutorials and start sewing your own unique towels today.
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Saturday Sewing – DIY Hair Towel Wrap

As you all know, I like to recycle and reuse things. I like to dry my hair after a shower with an additional towel to wrap around my head, but I find that it doesn’t stay on and is too much t…

Jealene Tewell
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Hair Towel Wrap DIY + FREE pattern

Once you know how to make a turban out of a towel you’ll want to go ahead and make a couple of these as they make luxurious spa-style gifts combined with some pampering products. See how we combine the luxury of a quality cotton towel with a tiny piece of elastic and button to create a stylish DIY hair turban. Our handy tutorial shows you exactly how to make a DIY hair towel wrap at home within 15 minutes

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