Trailer park

Explore unique and creative ideas to transform your trailer park into a vibrant and inviting community. Get inspired to create a cozy and charming space for you and your neighbors.
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This page is under construction. This is a page that will be part of a series on more anthropological approaches with interviews and noted influencers. Trailer Park Princess combines elements of Americana, eroticism, poverty, and Coquette femininity to create a feeling of nostalgia, unease, and deviancy. It incorporates many elements of Camp and Kitsch; it is a total subversion of what is deemed to be good taste in contemporary American society, as it openly celebrates identities that are…

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Two stitched images but otherwise untouched by Photoshop. It was almost unbelievable that the color of the interior light nearly matched the sunset. Interestingly, it wasn't the only trailer with that color of interior light. I later determined that the interior light color came from the use of insulation on the windows.

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