Tying a tie

Learn how to tie a tie with easy and stylish techniques. Enhance your professional look and make a fashion statement with these tie tying ideas.
How to Tie the Simple Necktie Knot | The Art of Manliness

Here’s how to tie the Simple (or Oriental) tie knot. 1: Drape the tie inside out over your neck, with the wide end longer and on your left. 2: Wide end goes to the right under the small end. 3: Bring it back to the left over the small end. 4: Bring the wide end […]

René Charlier
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Nothing suits a man better than a suit and tie. If you know how to pull off a suit, you may want to learn how to make this Eldredge tie knot that has been going around the fashion world for several years. Let’s get to know this new way of tying knot a bit better. […]

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