Umelecká záhrada

Objavte štýlové a inšpiratívne nápady na vytvorenie umeleckej záhrady. Vytvorte si jedinečný priestor plný krásnych rastlín a umenia.
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My partner in life is an artist who works in many media. She fills the space around us, inside and outside our home, with beautiful things. Her gardens crowd with daily works-in-progress as she adds one more spot of life to a year-round creation. It unfolds in time as the season and color for one […]

kristina fann
Papa and Rangi the primal couple of Maori mythology carved in this ancient tree, New Zealand ©Jenny!

'In the beginning lived Papa and Rangi. Their love was so strong that their children were trapped between them in the darkness of their embrace. After much pushing and shoving Tane managed to separate his parents, and let the children of Papa and Rangi escape and create the world as we know it. The disappointment of Papa and Rangi of being separate was great. Papa became Earth Mother and stayed with all growing things, and Rangi was pushed far into the sky to become Sky Father. Even now when…

Roberta Jami Yurkovich

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