Unique stockings

Discover a collection of unique stockings to add a touch of charm and personality to your holiday decor. Find the perfect stockings that will make your fireplace the centerpiece of your festive celebrations.
Curly-toe Christmas stocking with red satin leg, white lace heel, and curled foot with gold beads, gold satin cuff with white hanging lace additions. Lace, Art, Christmas, Unique, Cross Art, Sophisticated, Handmade, Gorgeous Christmas, Unique Art

From Christine Grenier's Christmas stockings collection, the Lace and Grace Christmas stocking is a unique and sophisticated holiday decoration. Red, gold, and white, this stocking is a classic and elegant decoration for a gorgeous Christmas decor. This is a unique handmade product that is already sold. It is possible to place a special order based on this Christmas stocking design.

Christine Grenier