Upper elementary classroom decor

Transform your upper elementary classroom into an engaging and inspiring learning space with these creative decor ideas. Enhance the learning environment and motivate your students to thrive.
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Well, here we go! It is that time. Time to prepare my heart for 20-25 sweet souls that will be occupying this classroom. I have already started praying for them and praying that I will be just the teacher they need! I have poured my heart into this classroom and having it ready for my […]

Wendi Crawford
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If you’re midway through your summer break, I hope this finds you with a cocktail or mocktail in hand! But if you’re anything like me, you’re probably also starting to dream about what next year will look like. So today I’m sharing five of the best classroom themes you need on your Pinterest board. And don’t worry if it hasn’t crossed your mind yet, I’ve got you covered! Start With a Colour Scheme There are endless options when it comes to choosing a theme - but I see themes a little…

Nancy Johnson
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Another back to school season has just wrapped up here in Australia and as always, I LOVE stickybeaking into my beautiful BFFs’ classrooms for a new school year! As the OG Queen of classroom decor trends, I’m often asked for advice - not only when it comes to which of my decor packs to use, but also how to style them, too! Using some of my new packs along with the incredible classrooms from my community this year, I wanted to help show you what’s possible with my resources - including…

Débora Fortunato