Victorian blouse

Discover the elegance of Victorian blouse styles and add a touch of timeless charm to your wardrobe. Explore top ideas to create stunning outfits and embrace this classic fashion trend.
The Closet Historian: Edwardian Adventuress: The Shirtwaist Plan

So I am planning on putting together an Edwardian adventuress ensemble, the sort of outfit a lady might wear while sketching Egyptian ruins while on a Nile cruise in 1907. I already have an Edwardian corset so I am planning on making a white cotton shirtwaist, a kakhi or brown walking length skirt, and a brown belt/sash. I'll also need a new walking length petticoat but that is more boring. I will be drafting the patterns for these items myself, and I can't wait to get started this upcoming…

Judy Buchanan
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Ladies' Steampunk fashion embraces many different styles of tops. Lace Steampunk blouses that give a nod back to the Victorian era are a wardrobe staple. Corset tops will bring out your seductive side. Steampunk shirts, like Renaissance shirts or peasant tops, have their place too. A menswear inspired Steampunk vest is another popular top layer, as

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