Vintage hamilton beach stand mixer

Add a touch of nostalgia to your kitchen with a vintage Hamilton Beach stand mixer. Explore our top ideas for incorporating this retro appliance into your modern culinary space.
Carver Junk Company: I got a new toy! Hamilton Beach Vintage 1940s Stand Mixer. Scrapbooks, Retro, Mixers, 1950s, Vintage, Vintage Repurposed, Vintage Appliances, Stand Mixer, Mixer Attachments

Whoohoo. I found this at a flea market, and I couldn't wait to get it home! Who needs a $300 kitchenaid from Macy's, when you could have one of these bad boys?! And after 60+ years of mixin', it still works. BEAUTIFULLY! I am seriously jumping up and down. Chad, on the other hand, nearly turned down homemade banana bread when he heard it was going to be mixed with my new toy. Seriously!? He never turns down banana bread (nor anything I make, really....). He was worried it wouldn't be clean…

Brooke Church