Vintage New York City Photography

Explore the beauty of vintage New York City through captivating photography. Discover stunning images that capture the essence of the city and transport you back in time.
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These brilliant photos were taken by Hans Joachim Jacobi and scanned by his son Michael. They travelled to NYC as a stopover on the way to and from Halifax in Nova Scotia to visit relatives. Hans was using a Exakta Varex IIa, an East-German camera, using Agfa CT18 film. These photos are courtesy of Hans Joachim Jacobi’s … Continue reading "New York City in all its Neon-Lit Glory, 1969 – 1971"

Ann McHugh
Black and White Photos of New York City in 1910 Collage, Andy Warhol, Peru, York, Black And White, Bw Photo, Black And White Photography, Black And White Pictures, Photo

These are what New York City looked like over 100 years ago. Atlantic Avenue Subway Brooklyn Bronx Zoo Entrance Brooklyn Navy Yard Dry Dock #4 City Investing Building Columbus Circle 11th Avenue Flatbush Avenue Brooklyn Grand Central Entrances Grand Central Subway Ramp Lower Manhattan from Coentes Slip Metropolitain Life Building Metropolitan Life Building at Night Old Penn Station Concourse Old Penn Station Interior Old Penn Station Polo Grounds former home of the Yankees & Giants…

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