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Discover the beauty of documenting your life through a visual diary. Get inspired by top ideas to create a unique and personal record of your memories.
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Green academia, also known by various other names[Note 1], is a splinter Academia aesthetic specializing in biology and earth sciences, especially botany, ecology, geobiology, mycology, and zoology. Green academia is similar to Goblincore in its appreciation of nature, collecting of trinkets, and, in some respects, fashion, however green academia has more of a focus on knowledge and science. Although social sciences are emphasized less in green academia than in other academic aesthetics…

Handmade Sketchbooks Teeming with Colorful Calligraphy, Diagrams, Sketches, and Travel Ephemera by José Naranja | Colossal Collage, Ephemera, Creative Journal, Journal Writing, Journal Inspiration, Journal Aesthetic, Notebook Art, Bullet Journal Art, Planner

José Naranja creates beautifully detailed sketchbooks by collaging elements of photography, writing, stamps, and his own precise drawings of everything from poisonous mushrooms to a bird’s eye view of his dream studio. The ex-aeronautic engineer began working with sketchbooks after he discovered pocket-size Moleskine notebooks in 2005 and realized they were the perfect vessel to document his daily experiences and develop his wildest ideas. After 13 years of using the same style of notebook…

Jane Gilmore