Vitamix potato soup

Indulge in the creamy goodness of homemade potato soup made with Vitamix. Try these flavorful recipes and warm up your senses with each spoonful.
Cooking Illustrated: Loaded Baked Potato Soup made in a Vitamix Blender- Made this the first night with leftover baked potatoes and added leftover chicken breasts, peas, and carrots. So freaking good! Thermomix, Vitamix Healthy Recipes, Vitamix Food Processor, Vitamix Soup Recipes, Vitamix Soup, Leftover Baked Potatoes, Blender Soup, Vitamix Smoothies, Blendtec Recipes

As you can see in my prior post, I love my Vitamix and have been using it so much lately. I have been using for Smoothies in the morning and Soups for lunch. My newest soup that I just love was adapted from a Vitamix recipe. I was super easy, fast and very tasty. I knew I was going to be making this so I baked a few extra potatoes the previous night since we were having baked potatoes. I do notice that when I do plan ahead and do some prep work the previous day, that I stick to the plan and…

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Potato Soup7 Leek And Potato Soup Recipe, Soup For Winter, Vitamix Soup, Leek Potato Soup, Leek Potato, Leek And Potato Soup, Leek And Potato, Leek Recipes, Potato Leek

I guess I should start by apologizing. I thought I had posted this recipe ages ago. Years ago. But, as it turns out, I didn’t. So I stand (sit actually) here before you to rectify that situation. Recitfy. Not rectum. Sometimes I get the two words confused. Oh! Speaking of … Continue reading →

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