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Explore a wide range of adorable clothes for Waldorf dolls and give your dolls a stylish makeover. Find the perfect outfits to enhance imaginative play and create lasting memories.
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As promised on my birthday, here is the story of my first Waldorf doll. For the uninitiated, Waldorf dolls are also called Steiner dolls, even though they apparently have no connection to Jules Nicholas Steiner and his bisque dolls from days of yore. Indeed, when I saw the name "Steiner" attached to a Waldorf doll I thought "WTH, that's not a Steiner doll!" Turns out there's more than one type of Steiner doll, so keep that in mind if you're a fan of the antique bisque dolls. Also be wary of…

Ольга Шаркалова
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!!! EXAMPLE ONLY !!! IS MADE TO ORDER!!! It will take about 2-3 weeks. As soon as the doll is ready, I will send you detailed photos. THE PRICE INKLUDES: a doll and one set of clothes to choose from (set 1 or set 2). You can order extra clothes for a fee. There are several options for a set of clothes. Set 1: dress, knitted cardigan, panties, knitted shoes. Set 2: blouse, pants, knitted cardigan, knitted shoes. I can take into account the wishes for the color gamut. All materials, designs…